Is there anything you’d like to know about your YouTube comments?

If you haven’t paused your YouTube viewing history, you’ll be able to see the prior videos you’ve watched.

This may be found by heading to the YouTube app’s library and selecting History.

Your past viewing history is searchable, too.

Even so, it’s possible you’ve observed that there is no “Comment History” option available in the app.

If that’s the case, how can you view your YouTube comment history on the site?

This post will teach you how to go through your YouTube comment history, including comments from years ago.

Where Can I Find a Record of My Previous YouTube Comments?

On a computer, you’ll need to log into YouTube and view your comment history.

Visit the History> Comments menu item in the YouTube website’s navigation bar to view your previous comments.

If you browse your Comment history, you’ll see all of your YouTube comments in one place.

The comments will be arranged in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

To view your first comment, you’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

The initial remark will be easy to identify if your YouTube channel is new or if you rarely comment.

In order to find an earlier YouTube channel, you’ll have to browse for a long time.

Here’s how to see the comments you’ve left on YouTube in the past:

Step 1: Open YouTube on a computer.

On a desktop computer, launch YouTube.

You may either type “YouTube” into Google or visit

You won’t be able to do this using the YouTube app because it doesn’t have a Comment history feature.

Only on the desktop version of YouTube, not the mobile version, can you see your comment history.

As a mobile browser, it won’t function (e.g., Safari).

A desktop computer is required for accessing YouTube because of this.

Once you’re in YouTube’s desktop version, log in to your YouTube account.

You’ll be sent to YouTube’s home page once you check in with your YouTube credentials.

Step 2: Select “History” from the menu.

A menu icon may be seen in the upper left-hand corner of YouTube’s home page.

To go to the menu, simply click on the button.

Once you’ve clicked the menu, a drop-down menu will display.

Subscription, Trending, and Home are just a few of the tabs in the navigation drawer.

The “Library” tab has a “History” tab.

Under the “History” page, you may view your Watch history, Community history, and Comment history.

Go to the “History” page to check your YouTube Watch history.

You’ve made it to your Watch History page on YouTube.

You will learn how to find and read your Comment history in the last stage.

Step 3: Click on “Comments.”

Clicking the “History” tab will bring up the “Watch history” page (from the previous step).

On the “Watch history” page, you can view every YouTube video you’ve ever watched.

The order in which your Watch history is presented is based on the most recent to oldest videos you’ve watched.

There is a right-hand sidebar labeled “History type” that may be seen.

You have the option of erasing, pausing or otherwise modifying the History of your Watch.

At the bottom of the sidebar, you’ll find the “Comments” option.

Selecting “Comments” will take you to a list of all of your previous YouTube comments.

Go to the “Comments” tab to see your comment history.

On YouTube Mobile, how can I access my comment history?

On YouTube mobile, you won’t be able to see your comment history.

This feature is available only on the desktop version of YouTube and not on the app.

You can only access your Watch history on YouTube’s mobile app at this time.

In order to view your comment history on YouTube, you must utilize the desktop version of the service.

After that, simply follow the procedures indicated above to access all of your prior comments.

My remark on YouTube has not received any responses. How can I find out?

Your YouTube or email notifications might tell you if someone has reacted to your YouTube comment.

Every time someone answers a comment you left on YouTube, you’ll be notified through email.

You can find the notification by clicking on the bell icon at the top of the page.

The bell icon will display the number of notifications you have in a text bubble.

The bell symbol is where you’ll find your alerts.

It includes comments on your videos, responses to comments you’ve made, and much more in these alerts.


Because it’s available on both mobile and desktop, your YouTube Watch history is straightforward to locate.

There is only one restriction: You can’t stop your Watch history.

The video will not play if you have it stopped; you must unpause it in order to see it.

You can only access your comment history on YouTube’s desktop version.

This is because the YouTube app does not have access to your Comment history.

A “Comment history” option may or may not be available on YouTube’s mobile app at this time.